DabVac Deluxe

The DabVac is our water pipe adapter for premium e-juice and concentrates.



Driven by our desire for innovation, and paying close attention to customer feedback, we’ve improved on our original DabVac design with the new Reclaim Edition.

The DabVac is made in America and features surgical grade latex tubing and Headdies signature 22 karat gold labels. Each DabVac Deluxe comes standard with a Quartz wand and groundless ground joints typically reserved for only high-end pieces.

The new wand holder doubles as a reclaim catcher. The reclaim from your product will drip down into the wand holder. After continued use apply heat to the wand and slide it into the holder to use the reclaim you have collected.


10mm female, 10mm male, 14mm female, 14mm male, 19mm female, 19mm male

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